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Tip: Windows Mobile — Turn Your Smartphone Into a Remote

Step-by-step instructions to turn your smartphone into a remote to control your PC.

Health Organization Using PDAs to Help Save Lives in Peru

How handhelds are contributing to the well being and survival of certain patients in the South American country.

Tip: BlackBerry: How to Search Your RIM Smartphone

Use your BlackBerry's built-in search feature to find data or an application.

Do You Have A Mobile Security Policy?

Without one – firmly enforced – your security perimeter is just a series of holes. Here’s a guide to tightening policy.

Mobile Device Security III: Employee-Owned Device Risks

Worker-owned PDAs and smartphones, while perhaps beneficial to staff productivity, introduce un-secure wild cards into otherwise secure environs; leaving companies open to data theft, regulatory compliance headaches, and other possible breaches of security.

Mobile Device Security I: Threats Real, Time to Act Now

Because today’s handhelds perform many of the same functions as a notebook computer, they pose similar vulnerabilities to themselves and the enterprise. Bluefire CEO Mark Komisky highlights e-mail in this first of a series of articles on mobile security.