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Critics' Choice: Motorola Xoom Tablet Review

Is Motorola's Android 3.0 tablet the first true iPad challenger? Read our consensus review of the Xoom for the details on performance -- how it runs Android apps, conducts video chat and more.

Dell's Aggressive Mobile Roadmap Includes Multiple Tablets

An website dedicated to the Android OS published what it says is Dell's secret mobile roadmap.

iPad Shipments Propel Apple Past HP to Top Mobile PC Position

Apple surges to the top spot in DisplaySearch rankings of mobile PC shipments in Q4, beating out HP and Acer.

HP Unveils TouchPad on webOS

The tablet device based on Palm's mobile operating system adds to the cavalcade of recent tablet introductions.

Top 5 Tablet PCs: Compare and Contrast

We highlight all the key specs -- carriers, price, screen size and display type, connectivity and camera functionality -- of the iPad, the expected iPad 2, Xoom, PlayBook and Galaxy Tab.

More Laptops Headed to the Recycle Bin: Report

AnythingIT reports a 62 percent increase nationwide in businesses replacing laptops and notebooks with tablet computers. Guess which major cities top the list?

Top 11 Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

We highlight the features that are generating buzz for Samsung's Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab.

Critics' Picks: Top 5 Netbooks Based on Review Roundup

We look to see which mobile devices landed on the most top 5 lists and/or earned high ratings in their categories from more than one reviewer. How are netbooks faring after the iPad debut?

Critics' Choice: Top 5 Ultraportable Laptops for Mobile Computing

If you want to outfit your mobile office with a high-performance, compact laptop, we can help with our mobile IT buyers’ guide to the best, most portable laptops on the planet.

Mobile IT Buyer's Guide to Netbooks

Spending your mobile management budget wisely means planning for major mobile device expenditures. We walk you through the key considerations when planning to purchase netbooks for your mobile office.

Dynamic Duo: Two Vendor-neutral WLAN Management Services

If you are researching WLAN management applications that are vendor agnostic, consider AirWave from Aruba Networks and WiFi Manager from ManageEngine. We highlight some features from these two services.

The Geek Wishlist: Ten Top Tech Toys

Compliments of EnterpriseITPlanet.com, this wish list includes several Wi-Fi-enabled devices any self-respecting lover of mobility will yearn for.

20 Best Gifts for Wi-Fi Lovers

Will it be an Internet radio, a new router, or maybe an iPhone? Whether you have $15 or $1500 to spend on Wi-Fi, we've got the gifts for you.