Device Index iPad 2

iPad 3 Announcement Expected March 7

Apple will reportedly introduce its next iPad on March 7 and start shipping it two days later. Meanwhile, Best Buy recently cut iPad 2 prices by $50.

Rumor: Apple & Samsung Planning HD Tablets in 2012

HD tablets are reportedly on their way from Apple and Samsung early next year

Apple Black Friday Sales Leaked

Apple's Black Friday discounts were supposed to be a secret but have been leaked on the Internet.

FuzeBox Now Supports iPad 2, Android 3.0 Tablets

InformationWeek: Fuze Meeting now lets tablet users receive video within full conferencing experiences.

Consumer Reports Give iPad 2 Thumbs Up

BGR: Influential magazine gives Apple's tablet high marks for quality and price.

Original iPad Stock Running Low

BGR: The first iPad model is now being discounted by as much as $300.

iPad 2 Quickly Jailbroken

The Inquirer: It took only two days for hackers to open the iPad 2 up to non-Apple sanctioned apps and other carrier networks.

Analyst: Apple Sold Million iPad 2s

BGR: Apple and its retail partners move an impressive number of new iPads during first weekend of availability.

Is Amazon the Answer to iPad Dominance in 2011?

The iPad 2 goes on sale today as more data comes out supporting its estimated 80 percent market share, though one analyst nominates Amazon as a potential foe.

Samsung Mulling 10-Inch Galaxy Tab Price Cut

The Korean electronics giant is re-evaluating the price and features of the new Galaxy Tab in the wake of the iPad 2 debut.

Tips for Selling You First-Gen iPad

PC Magazine: How to get rid of your iPad in preparation for picking up a fresh new iPad 2.

iPad 2 Not an Enterprise Slam Dunk?

Analyst says Apple missed an opportunity to push out would-be tablet competitors in the enterprise.

Tablet Competition Undercut by iPad 2

InformationWeek: Apple stays ahead in the fledgling tablet market with the introduction of a thinner, lighter and more powerful iPad.

Current iPad Owners Already Dumping Old Tablets

ComputerWorld: Unprecedented numbers of people getting rid of old Apple iPad in preparation to pick up the new model.

Steve Jobs: iPad 2 Coming March 11 on Verizon, AT&T

Jobs presents faster, slimmer iPad 2 and calls 2011 "year of the copycats" as Apple's second tablet debuts before most competitors are out of the gate.