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iPhone 4 May Hit T-Mobile

Geek.com: Apple apparently testing an iPhone with T-Mobile USA‘s 3G cellular-wireless band.

Video: White iPhone 4

BGR: Factory white iPhone 4 with 64GB of storage and iPhone 4.

White iPhone 4 Coming Soon, Really

Mobile Burn: Report cites three people familiar with Apple's white iPhone plans.

iPhone 5 May Not Arrive Until 2012

The Register: Apple fans may have to wait till next year before they can trade up their iPhone 4s for Apple's fifth generation smartphone.

Permanent iPhone Unlock No Jailbreak Required?

BGR: Rumor has it there is a new permanent unlock solution for the Apple iPhone.

Jailbreak Your iPhone 4, Windows Phone 7 Handset

The Register: Apple iPhone 4 and Microsoft-run Windows Phone 7 owners can now jailbreak their mobile devices.

AT&T Implementing Early Upgrade Price Changes

BGR: AT&T confirms changes to early upgrade pricing for its smartphones, including the iPhone 4.

China: 64GB iPhone 4 Prototype Spotted

PC Magazine: Prototype iPhone 4 models with higher memory capacity reportedly discovered in Chinese "grey" market.

Rumor: iPhone 5 to Sport Aluminum Case

Geek.com: Apparently, Apple is looking to drop the iPhone 4's glass casing with aluminum.

Report: Verizon iPhone Has Death Grip Issue

Brighthand: Consumer reports gives new edition of iPhone thumbs down for very same reason as original AT&T version.

The Case of the Exploding iPhone 4

GizmoCrucnch: Owner of iPhone 4 says the smartphone exploded and burned his hands.

Verizon Buckles Under Hoards of iPhone 4 Orders

BGR: The Verizon Wireless order and server system went down at least once around 4:00AM EST due to the barrage of iPhone orders.

Verizon Wireless Paying Off AT&T iPhoners

BGR: Verizon Wireless offering at least $200 for your iPhone 4 if you trade it in and move to their network.

iPhone 4: White Model Closer to Release?

Brighthand: Mobile device aficionados have been waiting for a white edition of the iPhone 4 for some time now.

White iPhone 4 Coming Feb. 27?

The long-awaited white iPhone 4 may finally be available in late February, according to reports.