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Consumer Reports Recommends iPhone 4S

The venerable consumer magazine gives the iPhone 4S some love. But despite new tests, CR still doesn't recommend the iPhone 4.

Tests Show iPhone 4 Hit Hardest by 'Death Grip'

As Apple has pointed out, other phones lose signal strength when held a certain way. But the iPhone suffers the most.

What's Behind the White iPhone 4 Release Date Delay?

No explanation for white iPhone 4 delays is in Apple's official statement, which puts conspiracy theorists into overdrive.

Apple Offers Free Bumper Cases for iPhone 4 Customers

After a lengthy rant against the media and demonstrating that other smartphones have signal-loss problems, Jobs makes the rubber case protectors a freebie.

Apple Engineer Warned of iPhone 4 Antenna Problems: Report

Did Jobs & co. have advance warning that there could be a problem with the phone's design?

iPhone 4 Antenna-Gate: Will Apple Issue Free Bumpers?

The iPhone maker calls a press conference tomorrow while speculation swirls that Apple will offer free cases to fix reception problems.

Apple Releases iOS 4.1 Beta to Developers as Antenna Problem Looms

Will this finally address the "death grip" issue with the iPhone 4's antenna? Or will a Friday press event?