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IBM Shushes Siri

The iPhone's personal digital assistant is tech non grata on IBM campuses as security concerns surface.

Most iPhone 4S Owners Like Siri But Do Not Use Many Features

Siri has proven to a popular addition to the iPhone 4S—even if users aren’t taking advantage of the virtual assistant’s many capabilities.

Consumer Reports Recommends iPhone 4S

The venerable consumer magazine gives the iPhone 4S some love. But despite new tests, CR still doesn't recommend the iPhone 4.

Siri Outages Hit Some iPhone Users

Sir to some iPhone 4S usersi: "Sorry, I am having trouble connecting to the network." Here's why. 

iPhone 4S Battery Life Woes & What to Do About It

Owners of the iPhone 4S aren't getting the charge out of their phones they expected. A look at some common complaints about the phone's battery, along with some fixes.

Siri Fetches Beer, Threatens Google

Apple's virtual personal assistant can create reminders, alarms, and text messages and look up information on the web. Siri can also open a can of beer and might even be Google's undoing. 

Is the iPhone 4S Siri a Data Hog?

Apple's Siri may eat into your data plan