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The iPad 2 Goes International

BGR: Lines for in 25 countries for Apple's latest tablet.

Verizon iPhone Owners: No International Calling for You

Brighthand: Best to stick with the AT&T edition of the iPhone if you want to make phone calls in Europe and much of the rest of the world.

UN Report: Mobile Phone Use High in Developing Nations

60 percent of the world's population now use cell phones.

SoftBank Offers iPhone for Free in Japan

It now costs you nothing (up front) to climb on the iPhone bandwagon in Japan. That is if you sign on the dotted line.

Part II: Things to Consider When Using the iPhone Outside the U.S.

Specific steps the author took to keep iPhone-usage costs down during a recent trip to Mexico.

Why Apple and China are Simply Incompatible

Although Apple has successfully launched the iPhone in more than 70 countries, China isn't one of them.

Health Organization Using PDAs to Help Save Lives in Peru

How handhelds are contributing to the well being and survival of certain patients in the South American country.

How to Protect Your Mobile Device from Loss, Theft & Malware

Veteran security researcher explains what you can do to safeguard your cell phone, smartphone or PDA, as well as yourself.