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Unlock Your Old iPhone Without Jailbreaking

AT&T is now allowing you to unlock old, off-contract iPhones. But you might still experience a roadblock.

Permanent iPhone Unlock No Jailbreak Required?

BGR: Rumor has it there is a new permanent unlock solution for the Apple iPhone.

Jailbreak Your iPhone 4, Windows Phone 7 Handset

The Register: Apple iPhone 4 and Microsoft-run Windows Phone 7 owners can now jailbreak their mobile devices.

iPad 2 Quickly Jailbroken

The Inquirer: It took only two days for hackers to open the iPad 2 up to non-Apple sanctioned apps and other carrier networks.

Expect Another Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak

The Inquirer: The upcoming jailbreak was created by Windows Phone 7 developer Julien Schapman.

Windows Phone 7 'Jailbreak' Tool Pulled Offline

The team behind the new ChevronWP7 jailbreaking tool for Windows Phone 7 pulls the free app from distribution after a call from Microsoft.