Device Index lawsuit

Apple Wants App Store Name All to Itself

The Register: Apple sues Amazon, asserting the latter is using its "App Store" trademark without proper consent.

Class Action Suit Targets AT&T

Mobile Burn: Suit asserts the mobile operator systematically overstates data use on the iPhone.

Judge Throws Out Android Trademark Suit

Engadget: Plaintiff sued Google, Android Inc. and the Open Handset Alliance for $94 million.

Motorola Countersues Microsoft in Patent Fight

After being sued twice in recent weeks, Motorola fought back on Thursday, countersuing Microsoft for infringing some of its patents.

Apple Ready to Rumble with Rival Smartphone Makers

While Apple's not known for excessive litigation, a new analyst report shows that the iPhone maker is ready to lawyer-up aggressively to protect its mobile device patents. But could the strategy backfire?

Kodak Sues Apple, RIM Over Patent Violations

The venerable maker of camera film claims it has a patent that the two biggest smartphone makers have used without permission.

Nokia Files New Patent Complaint Against Apple

Now the Finnish mobile giant claims that "virtually all" of Apple's portable devices infringe on Nokia patents.