Device Index malware

Google Uses Kill-Switch to Address Malware at Android Market

The Internet giant moves beyond removal of infected Android apps to fix malware outbreak at the Android Market.

Malware Discovered in Android Market

Google moves quickly to remove the offending mobile apps. What should users concerned about smartphone security watch out for?

Top Five Enterprise Security Trends for 2011

Mobile devices in the workplace rank high as potential risks in the list of emerging security trends for the coming year.

Android Malware Spotted in China

The Inquirer: Botnet-like Trojan steals data from mobile devices that run on Google's Android platform.

Hackers Set Sights on Android Mobile Devices

Fresh study from AdaptiveMobile finds that mobile malware infections surged 33 percent this year and that Android-based devices are becoming particularly attractive to authors.

Mobile Security Survey Says Smartphone Users Get Sloppy During Holidays

Symantec report finds that most enterprise employees become much more casual about the data they share and access via smartphones over the holidays.

Hackers Turn Their Attention to Smartphones, Apps

A new hoax circulating through the BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 service is a just the tip of the iceberg according to security software vendor McAfee.