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Tip: How to Clear Everything From Your Windows Mobile

When you're ready to pass that old smartphone device down to your eager teenager, or you've been asked to hand it in to your company's IT department, you're going to want to remove all your own data.

Tip: Changing BlackBerry SIM Cards

How you remove a subscriber identity module (SIM) card and swap it between compatible mobile phones varies from device to device, even among BlackBerry wireless handhelds and smartphones.

Tip: Windows Mobile — How Much Room Do I Have?

How to check the amount of memory you've got to store or run programs on your smartphone.

Tip: BlackBerry Flip — Music Tips

Listen to music on the BlackBerry Pearl Flip whether it's open or closed.

Tip: BlackBerry — How to Wipe It Clean

Wiping a BlackBerry will reset it to the default settings it shipped with—clearing all user files and additional applications. It is a smart thing to do whenever you’re about to part ways with a smartphone.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Encrypt Your Memory Card

You take precautions with your data and that should extend to the information you store on your smartphone using a microSD card.