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In Healthcare Communications, One Device Does Not Fit All � Yet

A single mobile device (e.g. cell phone, smartphone or PDA) cannot meet the needs of everybody in a healthcare setting. There are too many constituencies, with too many needs, and too many technological hurdles to overcome. So to the healthcare communications task force teams out there doing their due diligence, beyond asset management and procurement issues, here are some things to think about.

Firm Sees iPhone as Enterprise Security Token

Forget smart cards: Charismathics says its iEnigma gives companies a way to enable two-factor authentication on their iPhone.

2009: The Year Mobile-Centric Apps Go Mainstream in the Enterprise

Traditional package software vendors haven’t done the best job of bringing effective mobile applications to market. This has left an opening for a new breed of innovators to fill the void. They're delivering a growing number of software solutions for large organizations that are built from the ground up to work on smartphones, PDAs, cell phones and other mobile devices over wireless networks.