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Mobile Internet Use Climbs Dramatically

New data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project points to a steady shift in how users access the Internet.

Mobile Computing Trend: Tablets Will Supplant Netbooks by 2012

The iPad will lead the way in replacing netbooks as a second computing device after PCs based on mobile Internet and mobile app usage patterns, says one analyst.

Top 10 Mobile Office Tools for Summer Time

If you need to help staff stay in touch -- even during summer downtime -- we've got the tools you need to keep your mobile office workers connected while decompressing.

Smartphone Traffic Explodes 193 Percent

As mobile computing becomes more popular, data traffic on mobile Internet devices and smartphones continues to jump. Apple's iPhone is miles ahead of the pack, but Android smartphones, particularly from HTC, are starting to make their presence felt.

XML Creator Joins Android, Faults Apple's Vision of Mobile Internet

Former Oracle/Sun developer Tim Bray signs on with Google's Android team and already makes headlines with sharp words about Apple's policies and the iPhone and how they relate to the future of the mobile Internet.

Mobile Internet, Video Driving Wireless Data Surge

Cisco and Juniper introduce services aimed at helping wireless networks handle exponential data growth.

Mobile Internet: What's Next for Firefox Mobile? Android?

Firefox Mobile 1.0 is available but only for Nokia N900's. That situation could soon change thanks to new efforts by Mozilla -- though not for iPhone users.

CES 2010: Mobile Device Security Tips

Mobile Internet devices took center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, which means new security risks for enterprise IT. We offer 10 tips for countering against wireless vulnerabilities.