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RIM Flips Switch on App World 2.1

Revamped mobile app store now includes support for in-app payments, an improvement that will be particularly appreciated by gaming app developers.

Android Market Gains on Apple's App Store

In the battle of mobile application sites, Apple's App Store still reigns supreme but Google's Android Market is growing faster. Plus, a surprise demographic about BlackBerry apps.

Mobile Apps Set for Explosive Growth: IDC

The IT market research firm predicts the total number of mobile apps downloaded will surge from 11 billion this year to nearly 77 billion in 2014.

Most Mobile Phone Owners Don't Use Mobile Apps

New Pew Internet study discovers that while mobile applications continue to explode in both quantity and quality, most cell phone users still don't use them.

RIM Buys Mobile App Store Infrastructure Provider Cellmania

The BlackBerry maker hopes the acquisition will better position it to compete with iPhone and Android-based smartphones for customers and mobile app developers.

Android Apps Front and Center at Google I/O

Linux-based Android is ready for its close-up at the Google developer conference as a raft of third-party mobile applications are slated for the spotlight.

Top 71 Free iPad Apps: Mobile Downloads for Business, Fun

Now that you spent all that bank on Apple's hot new mobile device, why not load it up with the best, free mobile applications? We've got 71 for you to try.

Mobile Downloads: 35 Productivity Apps for iPhone

As the iPad bows with big buzz and Apple shows off iPhone OS 4, we offer you 35 enterprise apps for the iPhone that will make your mobile workforce more productive -- right now.

Thousands of Mobile Apps for iPad Available Now

Some industry insight on the pricing and iPhone compatibility of the growing list of iPad mobile applications available for Apple's hottest new handheld computer.

Mobile Apps for iPad Abound, Could Launch With 700

Mobile applications are expected to number from 700 to thousands when Apple's new mobile device, the iPad, goes on sale.

Evaluating the iPad as Mobile Device for Enterprise

An overview of what types of mobile enterprise functionality the iPad delivers and a forecast for when it will become mass deployed in the enterprise for mobile computing.

Mobile App Wars: Survey Finds Android, iPad Developer Interest High

iPad enthusiasm among mobile application devs has slipped, but don't cry for Apple; Microsoft and RIM would kill to have Apple's survey numbers.

iPad Mobile Apps Store: Big Launch, Big Prices

The iPad will have many more mobile applications behind it on day one than the iPhone did. Another difference? Many of those mobile apps will come at a premium price.

Droid's Android 2.1 Update Halted

A late bug stalls the planned mobile OS update, leaving handheld owners waiting for pinch-to-zoom, voice-to-text entry and new mobile applications.

Mobile Security for the iPhone with Trust Digital

Recognizing the exploding demand for mobile applications and the need for mobile security, Trust Digital developed a solution for mobile IT to deploy iPhones -- and manage them -- from one centralized location.