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Sybase Key to SAP's 'Unwired' Attack Plans

Known best for its big iron enterprise software, SAP says it's moving quickly to establish its mobile cred following its purchase of Sybase.

Is AT&T's New Tiered Data Plan Enough for Mobile Enterprises?

Unlimited data plans are bad for network performance, but even tiered data billing may not be enough to keep consumers and enterprise users happy.

Mobile Security Watch: Smartphone Vulnerabilities

Mobile IT managers may know smartphone security is critical, but may not understand the reasons why. We outline smartphone vulnerabilities you should be aware of before crafting mobile security policy.

Cisco WebEx, Sybase Afaria Mobile Management for iPad

Enterprise vendors, including Cisco and Sybase, are already lined up to support Apple's new mobile device, the iPad.

Sherpa Bolsters Google's Enterprise Apps for Mobile IT

SherpaTools is a Google Apps reseller that also offers mobile IT managers customization options not available from the Internet company.

Buyer's Guide: 5 Key Considerations for Mobile Management Software

Mobile device management is becoming more complex as smartphone use surges in the enterprise and mobile computing shows no sign of tapering off. We highlight five critical issues to assess when selecting mobile management software for your company.

Apple iPad Aimed at Mobile Enterprise

Apple's newest mobile device could be bigger than the iPhone if it takes off in the enterprise.

Mobile Trends for 2010

What are the issues mobile enterprise managers will be facing in the coming year? Some industry insiders weigh in with their predictions.

Critics' Choice: The Top 5 Netbooks

A buyer's guide to the best netbooks on the market today.

How Apple is Thwarting Enterprise iPhone App Development

Paul Rubens takes issue with Apple's iPhone app approval policy in regard to how it impacts the mobile enterprise space.

Symantec Launches Mobile Management Suite

Symantec recently rolled out a trio of new offerings for protecting mobile devices and data in the enterprise.

Skype for SIP Birthed From Limited Beta

Skype is making inroads into the enterprise as its latest business offering enters a new phase.

How to Shave 25% Off Wireless Costs

Employing services that analyze your company's wireless plans and use can significantly trim enterprise mobile costs. We highlight resources mobile managers can use to keep wireless bills under control.

BoxTone Offers Mobile Management for Public Sector

The mobile management firm's latest software suite is designed specifically for government and military entities.

MobileIron 2.0: Enlist Employees in Mobile Management

Tired of playing sheriff in the wild mobile enterprise frontier? The latest version of MobileIron's software gives employees tools to help IT manage mobile use in the enterprise, as well as a platform for creating company-approved app stores.