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Feds Describe Major Push for Mobile Health Apps

Head of National Institutes of Health and CTO at Health and Human Services tout escalating government efforts to bring mobile technologies to the health-care sector.

How the iPad is Changing Mobile Health Care

We highlight the impact the iPad is having on all aspects of the health care field and why it's poised to beat out smartphones and laptops in telehealth services.

Mobile Download Guide to Best Health, Fitness iPhone Apps

Here is a roundup of nearly 80 mobile apps relating to wellness for iPhone users who want to monitor nutrition or diseases, track daily exercise and weight loss regimes, know what to do in an emergency and much more.

Vocera's Expanding Mobile Health Care Services for Smartphones

Vocera moves beyond the badge to a much more diverse ecosystem that is interoperable with iPhones, Blackberrys and IP PBXs, serving mobile health care and other verticals.

Mobile App Guide: iPhone Telehealth Tools for Health Care Pros

Our list of nearly 50 of the best mobile downloads for iPhone users in the health care industry.

Mobile Download Guide to 35 iPhone Mobile Health Care Apps

We highlight 35 reference and calculator telehealth iPhone apps that health care IT staff can recommend to the employees they support.

Deploying Real-Time, Wi-Fi- Based RFID for Mobile Asset Tracking, Telehealth

A primer on the benefits of Wi-Fi-based, real-time location systems. We cover deployment, security and examples of use in mobile health care and industries requiring asset tracking.

A Checkup on Verizon's Telehealth Service

Mobile health care is poised to be one of the next big trends in mobile computing, as evidenced by Verizon's new telehealth division. Plus, analysts check the vital stats -- security and costs --related to telemedicine deployment.