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Mobile Management Software Eases Fragmentation Fiasco for CIOs

MobilityCentral updates improve user interface, scalability and mobile security for mobile IT tasked with supervising mobile devices in the enterprise.

MobileIron 3.0 Enhances Multi-OS Smartphone Management Software

MobileIron's 3.0 version includes a Mobility Application Programming Interface, which lets channel partners of MobileIron or enterprise IT staff set up management capabilities for smartphones.

Top 12 Considerations for Selecting Mobile Management Software Solutions

The challenges of overseeing a fragmented mobile landscape can be mitigated with mobile management software. We highlight the critical issues to consider when choosing a third-party solution.

Zenprise Adds Mobile Management Tools for iPad, iPhone

Selective wipe, remote troubleshooting and customizable profile features are new to Zenprise's mobile management software.

BoxTone, Moto Roll Out New Mobile Management Solutions

BoxTone and Motorola are introducing new services designed to allow mobile IT staff to oversee and evaluate mobile devices and network performance.

Ode to Devastating Data Plan Overages

Has your V.P. ever racked up $100,000 in roaming and texting charges? Mobile IT managers trying to budget data plans can empathize with the winners of Visage Mobile's Outrageous Overages Contest.

Buyer's Guide: 5 Key Considerations for Mobile Management Software

Mobile device management is becoming more complex as smartphone use surges in the enterprise and mobile computing shows no sign of tapering off. We highlight five critical issues to assess when selecting mobile management software for your company.

Mobile Device Management Made Easy

Good Technology buys CloudSync, extending mobile office support to laptops, ruggedized handhelds.

BoxTone Offers Mobile Management for Public Sector

The mobile management firm's latest software suite is designed specifically for government and military entities.

MobileIron 2.0: Enlist Employees in Mobile Management

Tired of playing sheriff in the wild mobile enterprise frontier? The latest version of MobileIron's software gives employees tools to help IT manage mobile use in the enterprise, as well as a platform for creating company-approved app stores.