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Apple Drops iOS 4.3 Ahead of Schedule

Faster Safari browsing, GSM hotspot functionality and improved video streaming come to Apple's mobile devices with update to iOS.

Wild Windows Phone 7 Update Ride Continues

After suffering some complete system failures with Windows Phone 7's first update, the re-released version is still failing to install on some Samsung phones.

25 Windows Phone 7 Tips for Optimum Smartphone Performance

We outline 25 hot tips for smartphone users running the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

Microsoft and Nokia Push Ahead With Windows Phone 7

Nokia gives developers free WP7 phones, while Microsoft extends mobile reach to the Mac.

Microsoft Chief Ballmer Talks Windows Phones at Mobile World Congress

The company’s execs outlined an upcoming major update to Windows Phone 7 aimed at making it more attractive to buyers. Meanwhile, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said during his keynote that the Microsoft deal will pay it "billions."

New Nokia Head: We're on a 'Burning Platform'

Leaked memo to the troops portends a major restructuring of the ailing Finnish phone titan, possible link up with Windows Phone 7.

Apple Prepping iPad 2, iOS 4.3, White iPhone 4?

Rumors abound about the iPad 2 release date, the launch of iOS 4.3 and the sale date for the white iPhone 4.

Mobile Operating System Assessment: Windows Phone 7 Wish List

Our wish list containing the top 7 improvements we'd like to see in Microsoft's new mobile OS.

Mobile Operating System Review: iOS 4.2 on the iPad

We highlight all the pros and cons of iOS 4.2 functionality on the iPad -- multitasking, printing and more -- to help ensure your mobile workers are getting the most out of the Apple tablet.

The Top 50 Free Windows Phone 7 Apps

This list of the best, free Windows Phone 7 mobile apps covers productivity and business, entertainment, social networking, tools and utilities.

50 Fantastic Android Apps for Mobile Office Workers

We highlight 50 of the best Android apps for mobile computing employees who need to track, manage and update their information.

Commentary: Are Today's Smartphones Really Better Than Handsets from Five Years Ago?

As we look toward the New Year, columnist Paul Rubens says today's new smartphones and mobile apps don't necessarily make mobile office workers more productive.

Microsoft Claims 1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 Handsets Sold

Microsoft says 1.5 million handsets running the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system have been sold so far -- but the numbers may appear larger than they really are.

Mobile OS Alert: 'Massive' Update Coming for Windows Phone 7

One member of a team that created the first jailbreak tool for Windows Phone 7 tweets that Microsoft has a "massive" update to the mobile operating system coming early next year.

Mobile OS Guide: How Apple's iOS 4.2 Transforms the iPad

Everything mobile IT needs to know about how iOS 4.2 impacts the use of the iPad for mobile computing in the enterprise.