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3G Glitches Zap Nokia's N5800 Smartphone

It's the latest problem to affect the current crop of high-speed smartphones.

iMeem Streams Music Content to Android Phones

'gPhone' users can upload songs to their iMeem.com account and play the songs on their handsets.

Review: Motorola Rokr E8

Rokr E8 is a sleek, multi-purpose phone that delivers excellent audio playback—the best we've heard since the iPhone 3G. It is well worth a look for music lovers, in spite of its gimmicky backlit touchpad interface.

Review: Lobstertunes - Stream PC Audio to Smartphone, Rock Lobster Style

Stream your music collection from your desktop to a Internet-connected Windows Mobile handheld or smartphone.

Overview: Nokia N-Gage on Ovi

What a strange trip it's been for the N-Gage. Launched several years ago as a single taco-shaped game-playing phone, the N-Gage of today has a much broader purpose: it serves as the gaming section of Nokia's Ovi suite of online services, a group of tools that are available to an ever-growing list of smartphones.

Tip: BlackBerry Flip — Music Tips

Listen to music on the BlackBerry Pearl Flip whether it's open or closed.

The Downside of Mobility: Injury

As Wi-Fi--and laptops and mobile devices--become more ubiquitous, users from kids to adults find themselves suffering from injuries ranging from carpel tunnel syndrome to "BlackBerry thumb." The first in a series of features and reviews on the ergonomics of Wi-Fi-induced mobility, this article offers tips on how to prevent injuries.

Overview: iTunes 8 with Genius Playlists

In his last column, Damon Brown took a close look at the new iPods Apple rolled out at its "Let's Rock!" event earlier this month. This time around, he focuses on software: specifically, iTunes 8 with its new Grid View and much-hyped Genius playlist feature.