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HP Adding Netbook to Series of Planned WebOS Mobile Devices

eWeek: Supposed netbook may join HP's planned tablet PC and new smartphone model in its bid to out-iOS Apple.

Buyer's Guide to Notebook Computers for SMBs

Trying to find the best notebooks for your mobile office workers? We cover netbooks, ultra-portables and desktop replacements as well as price points and must-have specs.

Mobile IT Buyer's Guide to Netbooks

Spending your mobile management budget wisely means planning for major mobile device expenditures. We walk you through the key considerations when planning to purchase netbooks for your mobile office.

Critics' Choice: The Top 5 Netbooks

A buyer's guide to the best netbooks on the market today.

Outlook Hazy for Nokia's Chances in Notebooks

It's not like we're hurting for choices in the mobile PC space, but analysts see some hope in the Finnish phone leader's flirtations with entering a new market.

Phone Maker Nokia to Make Netbooks?

The netbook market may suit Nokia well. After all, it likes to call its smartphones "multimedia computers."

Intel Seeks Overturn of Psion 'Netbook' Trademark

Chipmaker is asking a court to overturn a term that has become widely and generically used after Psion began sending C&D letters.

Review: Lenovo's S10e Linux Ideapad

People have been wanting something like a netbook ever since we can remember, even way back in the last millennium. But hardware costs made them unattractive. Now we're tripping over netbooks every time we turn around, and have a wealth of attractive choices. Here, we take the Lenovo Ideapad, loaded with SUSE Linux, for a test drive.

Linux Mobile Tools for the Business Traveler

A Linux netbook plus a few essential gadgets equals lightweight, inexpensive, portable, fully-featured happiness for the business traveler. Paul Ferrill takes a look at a slim yet productive kit to keep the traveling worker productive, happy, and not bogged down.

The Well-Prepared Mobile Superhero

Paul Chin details the best gear for the mobile writer.

Three iPhone Killers: Netbooks, MID, Andriod

The top three iPhone competitors pose a threat to Apple, but may need a product generation or two to realize their full potential.

The Netbook OS Question: Windows XP vs. Linux

This article focuses on a couple of specific, practical things to help folks decide which operating system to go with when buying a netbook.

Netbooks: Permanently Shaking the Laptop Market

Do you have your netbook yet? The compact, low-priced laptops have jolted the mobile PC market to the tune of 14 million sales in their first full year; brought Linux to a new audience; and struck sparks for online applications and storage. But should you opt for an 9-inch, 10-inch, or 12-inch screen? How small is too small when it comes to keyboards? And will the sleek but no-frills minis help or hurt the traditional notebook segment?

Netbook OS Smackdown: XP, Windows 7, and Ubuntu Face Off

What’s the best operating system for use on the new ultra-portable netbook systems? We used a Samsung NC10 netbook and three operating systems to find out.

Overview: Netbook Smackdown - Compare the Six Top Netbooks

The netbook race is on, with units from Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo and MSI. Who makes the best netbook?