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Nexus One to Get Android OS 2.4 Soon

Brighthand: Owners of Google's smartphone have waited over a month for the latest-and-greatest edition of the search giant's mobile platform.

10 Tips for Tricking Out and Optimizing your Android Smartphone

Getting the best performance out of your Android-powered handset isn't just about mobile apps. We provide 10 tips for maximizing the mobile computing power of your Android smartphone.

Comparison Smartphone Review: BlackBerry Torch or Nexus One? Which is Better?

In this smartphone smackdown, we compare the performance, design and overall experience of the Android-powered Nexus One versus the BlackBerry Torch 9800 -- which is the best smartphone for business?

Google To Shutter Nexus One Store

Could Nexus One be next headache for mobile IT? Google to sell its phones in the retail outlets, which could extend it beyond early adopters.

Android 2.2 Could Up Speed for Mobile Devices, Add Adobe Flash

An Android enthusiast site puts the upcoming mobile OS through its paces and finds it incredibly faster than previous versions.

Google Nixes Verizon Edition of Nexus One

Google steers customers instead to the HTC Incredible, an Android phone that many say lives up to its name. So, is this the beginning of the end for Google's great mobile device experiment?

Nexus One Review: Fast, Loaded with Features But Enterprise Ready?

Google's Nexus One is an impressive smartphone, but is it a good fit for the enterprise as a mobile computing device?

Google Adds Sprint as Nexus One Carrier

The Nexus One is now on all four major U.S. wireless carriers, although the Verizon phone isn't out yet, as industry watchers debate fate of Google's Android smarpthone.

Nexus One: Failure or Late-Blooming Phenom?

Issuing a verdict on the Nexus One requires more than just looking at sluggish sales stats, says mobile device analyst. Google's smartphone strategy for Android could still pay off.

Nexus One to be Verizon's Next Mobile Device?

A Chinese publication says CDMA versions of Google's smartphone are en route to the Internet giant for a launch in coming weeks.

Apple Sues Nexus One Maker HTC

The iPhone maker heads to court in yet another patent dispute stemming from mobile technology.

Google Irons Out Its Nexus One Strategy

Early termination fees and upgrade fees get kicked to the curb. Is it enough to get the smartphones moving?

Nexus One Gets Mobile OS Update

Google just issued a software update for the Nexus One that promises to fix 3G connection issues and match a key iPhone feature.

Nexus One Outage Resolved?

A rocky start for Google's new unlocked, Android smartphone as T-Mobile experiences a glitch.

Motorola Has a Google Phone in the Works

Will Motorola's next Android smartphone be the enterprise follow-up to the Google Nexus One -- or some other handheld device?