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Microsoft Nixes Open Source on Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

The Inquirer: Prohibits open source software running on Windows Phone 7 from being offered at its mobile apps store.

comScore: Android Still On The Rise, RIM Loses Ground

Latest smartphone market share statistics from comScore tell a familiar story--Android devices are white hot and their popularity is coming at RIM's expense.

Android Gingerbread Baking Design, Video Chat Goodies

The next version of Google's open source mobile OS could be released to developers as early as this week.

Mobile OS Wars: Tech Titans Jobs and Rubin Trade Barbs

Google's Android czar, Andy Rubin, tweeted some choice words in response to Steve Jobs' assertion that 'integrated' and 'same' is better than 'open' and 'fragmented.'

Android App Roundup: Mobile Downloads for Work, Play

We compiled a list of Android apps that will help you with mobile computing as well as provide some fun.

Dual-boot, Windows-Android tablet PC Planned for September?

Buzz abounds around reports of a tablet PC from ViewSonic that will run both Windows and Android, as well as another Android tablet from Samsung.

Critics' Choice: Smartphone Review Roundup of Droid 2

As the open source mobile platform Android makes huge gains in the market, we take a look at what the reviewers are saying about the Droid 2 based on hands-on evaluations.

Google Enhances Android Mobile OS With Voice Commands

Mobile users of Android devices such as the Droid, Droid 2, Evo 4G and others will get two new features.

Android Smartphones Hit By SMS-Sending Trojan

The first SMS Trojan targeting mobile devices running the mobile Linux Android operating system is discovered by Kaspersky Lab researchers.

How To Sync Android Smartphones Using Linux

Using standard Linux applications, you can sync a Droid smartphone to your PC in a few easy steps -- we show you how.

Top 10 Features of Froyo, Android 2.2

With the upcoming release of the Droid X and Android 2.2, it appears the key to the Linux mobile platform's continued success is enterprise adoption.

10 Reasons Why Mobile IT Needs to Prepare for Android

We offer expert analysis on why mobile computing smartphones running on Google's Linux-based Android OS are going to seriously challenge both the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Is Linux-Based Android 2.2. Ready for the Enterprise?

An overview of Android 2.2 features in the context of what they mean for mobile IT departments.

10 Reasons Why Open Source CRM Solutions Make Sense

Most CRM applications will run on mobile devices, but SugarCRM -- which is releasing Sugar 6 this summer -- has made mobility a top priority. But there's nine other reasons to go open source when considering CRM solutions.

MeeGo 1.0 Arrives for Linux Netbooks

First official release of the joint Intel-Nokia mobile Linux effort blends their respective Moblin and Maemo projects.