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Review: Notebook Gear - Logitech Cordless and Backlit Keyboards

One's cordless. One's backlit. Once you get your hands on either, you won't want to let go. We test Logitech's lowest, flattest PC keyboards and find the most precise, responsive typing feel we've ever encountered -- which makes us willing to overlook the fact that the one labeled "for notebooks" has nothing in particular to do with notebooks.

Review: Otterbox - BlackBerry Curve Defender Case

A great case for those who put their BlackBerry through a beating everyday.

Review: Hardware - Palm Centro Cases

Our hands-on take of a couple of cases designed to protect Palm's hottest smartphone.

Mobile Tools for the Business Traveler

The right technology can help keep you connected, protected and productive when you’re on the road.

Review: Otterbox iPhone Defender Case

Sure, it is not the thinnest or lightest case around. But that's not the point. Like other Otterboxes, the iPhone Defender provides maximum protection, taking an otherwise fragile device and making it fairly invulnerable.

Review: BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth Headset

Although relatively pricey, the BlueAnt Z9i features and performance place it a well above the average Bluetooth headset.

Review: Case-Mate - Dress Your iPhone Up Naked

With the Naked Case from Case-Mate, it looks like your protected iPhone isn't in a case at all.

Review: Redfly - A Laptop-Like Smartphone Companion

Peripheral connects via USB or Bluetooth to your smartphone, giving you a fold-open keyboard and full-size monitor.