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Carrier iQ Explains Its Diagnostic Software

The company behind the controversial mobile device diagnostic software releases a 19-page explanation.

Carrier iQ - There's an App For That

As the controversy reaches Washington, there's a new app in the Android Market designed to detect the diagnostic software.

Review: YouMail - Visual Voicemail for the Rest of Us

YouMail takes the visual voicemail concept pioneered by Apple for the iPhone and expands it to a wide variety of other cell phones and smartphones. It is an immensely useful service that can make your mobile voicemail extremely powerful and flexible.

Life in 2020: Mobility Reigns

The Internet experts polled by the Pew Internet and American Life Project believe that life in 2020 will be all about mobility, touch-screens, and privacy (or the lack thereof).

Why You'll Hate Cell Phone Spam

Like lambs to slaughter, the cell phone using community (i.e. everybody) has no idea what's coming.