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Windows 7 on Mobile Phones? Don't Bet on It.

Rumormongers see Microsoft dropping hints on porting Windows 7 to smartphones. But it's a bad idea at best, analysts say.

Don't Call It "Voice Jail" Anymore

“Voice jail” usually refers to how callers get trapped while trying to reach someone, but it’s equally applicable to anyone that’s forced to check messages constantly. With voicemail transcription technology, keeping on top of phone messages can become a lot less arduous and time consuming.

Review: Simulscribe - Read Your Voice Mail

Service transcribes voice messages and sends the text, embedded in an e-mail or SMS, to an address or wireless phone number you specify. Simulscribe could be a real boon to push e-mail users.

Review: YouMail - Visual Voicemail for the Rest of Us

YouMail takes the visual voicemail concept pioneered by Apple for the iPhone and expands it to a wide variety of other cell phones and smartphones. It is an immensely useful service that can make your mobile voicemail extremely powerful and flexible.

Quick Response Codes Part III : Will North America Embrace the Technology?

Mobile visual code reading works and consumers who have used in other markets seem to like it. But is that enough to guarantee the technology will be successful here?

Should You Ban the iPhone?

You can’t stop them so your best bet is a strategy to control their use and access to sensitive data.

It's Not Easy Being a Hospital's Mobile Device Manager

Why comprehensive mobile device management is the key to good fiscal health and happy customers.

How to Protect Your Mobile Device from Loss, Theft & Malware

Veteran security researcher explains what you can do to safeguard your cell phone, smartphone or PDA, as well as yourself.

Microsoft Sees Opportunity in Mobile Phone Data Storage

With users relying more and more on smartphones, PDAs and other mobile devices, protecting the information on them could become a growth market.

Security: Plug Those Bluetooth Inspired Vulnerabilities

At the same time Bluetooth conveniently wirelessly connects PDAs and smartphones to a plethora of other devices, including desktop & laptop computers and headsets, the technology can open them up to mischief or worse.

Why You'll Hate Cell Phone Spam

Like lambs to slaughter, the cell phone using community (i.e. everybody) has no idea what's coming.