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Bogus Android Security Patch Discovered by Symantec

The security stalwart reports today that a fake Android security patch contains 'suspicious code.'

Google Uses Kill-Switch to Address Malware at Android Market

The Internet giant moves beyond removal of infected Android apps to fix malware outbreak at the Android Market.

Kaspersky Lab Extends Mobile Security to Android, BlackBerry Operating Systems

Internet security firm expands scope of service to include smartphones running the Android and BlackBerry mobile OSes.

How To Avoid the Top 10 Smartphone Security Mishaps of the Holiday Season

To help with mobile device management during the holiday shopping season, we outline the top 10 smartphone security mistakes to safeguard against.

Top Six Mobile Security Threats and How to Prevent Them

We offer tips for addressing smartphone security and wireless network security issues resulting from the influx of handsets in the enterprise.

Smartphone Security Beyond Lock and Wipe

We outline the three mobile security approaches mobile management can take to ensure that company data is protected.

Mobile Security Watch: Smartphone Vulnerabilities

Mobile IT managers may know smartphone security is critical, but may not understand the reasons why. We outline smartphone vulnerabilities you should be aware of before crafting mobile security policy.

Wireless Network Security with Mobile Device Data Protection

Securing mobile data isn't just about securing devices: It's also about ensuring the security of network transport infrastructure. Juniper's latest offering improves mobile networking security and includes support from Verizon and Sprint.

Smartphone Security at Risk on iPhone, Android Handsets

When it comes to mobile applications and smartphone security, is Apple's closed iPhone OS strategy better than Google's open Android approach?

BlackBerry OS: New BlackBerry Apps, MS Buying RIM?

Two new BlackBerry applications aimed at smartphone security and mobile management debut today. Plus, RIM rumors -- is Microsoft angling to buy Research In Motion?

Google's Online Collaboration Play with Enterprise Apps

Google adds smartphone security features to mobile enterprise apps to make them more mobile IT-friendly. Is this a push to take on RIM in the workplace?

Mobile IT Watch: Five Mobile Management Software Firms

We highlight key features of five promising mobile management startups that can help IT with smartphone security and supervision.

Five Tips for Securing Smartphones in the Enterprise

Five quick steps IT mobile managers can take to keep smartphones secure as more employees bring their own handsets into the office.