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Mobile App Guide: Nifty Navigation and Travel iPhone Apps

We highlight key features of dozens of iPhone apps that will help you with mapping, directions, travel services and itineraries for voyages near and far.

Rewards Networks Brings Mobile Dining Guide to BlackBerry, iPhone

Mobile app enables you to quickly database of participating Rewards restaurants.

Tip: Text Alerts — Something Actually Free From the Airlines

Combine airline alerts with the fact that passengers can make phone calls as soon as the plane's on the tarmac and soon there will be no excuse for arriving to pick someone up other than at the exact time the person emerges from the baggage claim area.

Part II: Things to Consider When Using the iPhone Outside the U.S.

Specific steps the author took to keep iPhone-usage costs down during a recent trip to Mexico.

Linux Mobile Tools for the Business Traveler

A Linux netbook plus a few essential gadgets equals lightweight, inexpensive, portable, fully-featured happiness for the business traveler. Paul Ferrill takes a look at a slim yet productive kit to keep the traveling worker productive, happy, and not bogged down.

The Well-Prepared Mobile Superhero

Paul Chin details the best gear for the mobile writer.

Mobile Tools for the Business Traveler

The right technology can help keep you connected, protected and productive when you’re on the road.