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Tip: How to Quickly Silence a Ringing iPhone

Simply silence the iPhone or send the incoming call to voice mail.

Don't Call It "Voice Jail" Anymore

“Voice jail” usually refers to how callers get trapped while trying to reach someone, but it’s equally applicable to anyone that’s forced to check messages constantly. With voicemail transcription technology, keeping on top of phone messages can become a lot less arduous and time consuming.

Review: Simulscribe - Read Your Voice Mail

Service transcribes voice messages and sends the text, embedded in an e-mail or SMS, to an address or wireless phone number you specify. Simulscribe could be a real boon to push e-mail users.

Review: YouMail - Visual Voicemail for the Rest of Us

YouMail takes the visual voicemail concept pioneered by Apple for the iPhone and expands it to a wide variety of other cell phones and smartphones. It is an immensely useful service that can make your mobile voicemail extremely powerful and flexible.