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HP Touchpad Coming in September for $499?

PC Magazine: The 10-inch editon of the HP Touchpad should go for $499 to $599, according to a new report.

HP TouchPad May Hit Amazon Soon

Mobile Burn: Amazon sets up teaser page for HP's webOS-run iPad rival.

No webOS 2.0 for Palm Pre, Pixi

Brighthand: HP mobile division head Jon Rubinstein has bad news for current Palm Pre and Pixi owners.

HP Adding Netbook to Series of Planned WebOS Mobile Devices

eWeek: Supposed netbook may join HP's planned tablet PC and new smartphone model in its bid to out-iOS Apple.

Palm Chief Talks Up New webOS Mobile Devices in the Pipeline

Jon Rubinstein, the former CEO of Palm, revealed a bit aboutPalm's future direction as part of HP.

HP Rolls Out Updated webOS 2.0, Palm Pre 2

HP finally releases the update to its mobile operating system software but is it too little, too late for mobile management and mobile app developers?

What's Behind HP's 'PalmPad' Trademark Application?

The rumors of a webOS-powered tablet are starting to look more realistic.

Will webOS Printers from HP Take PCs Out of Print Loop?

The HP CEO hints that printers running Palm's mobile Linux webOS may be able to connect directly to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

HP to Release a webOS Mobile Computing Tablet in Q3?

An unlikely source say yes, but analysts are skeptical, even at the notion Palm had a mobile computing tablet already in the works.

Rubenstein Admits Newest Palm Handhelds Not Paying Off

With another disappointing quarter and the wind at the back of the other mobile device players, Palm may be hunting for options, according to one analyst.

Palm's Next Big Move Put On Hold

Palm's long-term success could very well rely on the vast customer base of Verizon to help prop up its new webOS-based handsets, so what's keeping the Pixi off the nation's No. 1 carrier?

Review: Can the Pre Bring Palm to Profitability?

Palm's first release running on the company's new webOS platform debuts.

O'Reilly Releasing Palm webOS Programming Guide

Tome aims to help developers get cracking on creating third-party software for Palm’s upcoming Pre smartphone. You can already read the first chapter online. In related news, it looks like Palm’s gearing up to support Adobe Flash technology with the webOS.