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Dell WP7S Lightning Strikes, Electrifies Buzz for New Windows Mobile Software Platform

Dell's Lightning, a portrait-slider Windows Phone 7, is striking. To get ready for Microsoft's new release, we provide a primer on Windows Phone 7 Series including five things every mobile IT manager should know.

Can Kin, Windows Phone 7 Series Rescue Redmond?

Microsoft's plan to regain a foothold in the mobile sector hinges on its new Windows Phone 7 Series platform, but one analyst says the new Kin series may be the one to rescue Redmond. We highlight features of both new Microsoft mobile initiatives.

Microsoft Windows Mobile Backed by $1 Billion, Says Analyst

Microsoft plans a billion-dollar investment in mobile this year in a move to make the company's newest Windows Mobile software for phones into a serious player. But will that include buying RIM or Palm?

Microsoft Windows Mobile Spins Lucky 7 Series

Redmond's new Windows 7 Series puts Microsoft mobile back in the smartphone game as analysts offer first impressions of the new OS.