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Wireless Carrier Review: AT&T

AT&T Wireless is a leading wireless carrier for business needs. Explore our review to learn more about the business plans AT&T offers now.

Obama to Outline Wireless Broadband Initiative

Ahead of president's trip to stump for National Wireless Initiative, White House details funding breakdown, promising deficit reduction while delivering mobile broadband to 98 percent of population.

Microsoft: Yahoo Mail is Windows Phones' Data Hog

Microsoft says an "inefficiency exists in the synchronization of e-mail between the Windows Phone Mail client and Yahoo Mail."

Cisco: Global Mobile Data Traffic Explodes

According to new Cisco study, global mobile traffic grew by 159 percent in 2010 -- what's going on and what does it mean for both fixed and wireless networking?

Sprint Raising Price of Smartphone Data Plans

Brighthand: New "Premium Data add-on charge" will up the cost for using a new smartphone by $10 per month.

Verizon, FCC Reach $25M Settlement in Mystery Charge Case

Leading wireless carrier reaches record settlement with Federal Communications Commission to resolve errant charges as the agency continues its inquiry into the billing practices of the wireless industry.

House Subcommittee to Probe Wireless Industry

Latest splash of unwelcome news for the wireless sector comes from the Hill, where House Oversight Committee subcommittee Chairman Dennis Kucinich announces a probe into debt-collection practices.

Verizon's McAdam in Line for CEO Spot as Succession Plans Emerge

The telecom giant named Lowell McAdam as its new chief operating officer, a temporary stopover until he eventually replaces current CEO Ivan Seidenberg.

Windows Phone 7 Surprise -- Only GSM at Launch

Despite the popularity of CDMA-based phones in the U.S., Microsoft will only support GSM when Windows Phone 7 debuts next month.

Intel Eyeing Infineon's Wireless Chip Unit?

A purchase of the Infineon chipset would give Intel a one-stop mobile phone offering and put it on a collision course with Qualcomm.

iPhone Antenna Woes Due to Design Flaw, Try Duct Tape: Consumer Reports

The respected consumer product testing publication says the iPhone's problems aren't likely to be solved by Apple's software fix. Instead, it suggests duct tape.

Is AT&T's New Tiered Data Plan Enough for Mobile Enterprises?

Unlimited data plans are bad for network performance, but even tiered data billing may not be enough to keep consumers and enterprise users happy.

AT&T Replaces Single Data Plan With Tiered Pricing Menu

No more one-size-fits-all data plans, and the tiered billing system is for both new and existing customers.

FCC Commissioners Spar Over Wireless Competition

With fissures along party lines, Federal Communications Commission approves wireless competition report while the industry worries that it's a stepping stone to tougher regulation.

Clearwire Could Add LTE to WiMAX Network

The nation's first 4G carrier says it's no longer limited to just WiMAX and is free to embrace the competing technology if it wants. Will it?