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Top Six Mobile Security Threats and How to Prevent Them

We offer tips for addressing smartphone security and wireless network security issues resulting from the influx of handsets in the enterprise.

Targeting Wireless Network Security Via Wi-Fi Threats

Rogue access points, data interception, DoS downtime -- these are all Wi-Fi threats that can spell trouble for mobile security managers. We outline our Top 10 Wi-Fi threats and offer guidance on how to protect against them.

Wireless Network Security with Mobile Device Data Protection

Securing mobile data isn't just about securing devices: It's also about ensuring the security of network transport infrastructure. Juniper's latest offering improves mobile networking security and includes support from Verizon and Sprint.

3 Cloud-Based WLAN Management Solutions

Three affordable services that will help mobile IT implement wireless network security and management.

Wireless Network Security, Management from the Cloud

We highlight key features of three innovative software suites that offer cloud-based WLAN management programs.