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25 Windows Phone 7 Tips for Optimum Smartphone Performance

We outline 25 hot tips for smartphone users running the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

10 Tips for Tricking Out and Optimizing your Android Smartphone

Getting the best performance out of your Android-powered handset isn't just about mobile apps. We provide 10 tips for maximizing the mobile computing power of your Android smartphone.

Mobile Security Tutorial: Enterprise Wi-Fi Encryption in Mac OS X

Need to configure and connect to WPA networks in recent versions of Leopard and Snow Leopard? Our wireless security tutorial outlines the steps mobile IT staff need to follow to use enterprise Wi-Fi encryption and 802.1X in Mac OS X.

Mobile IT Guide to iPhone Deployment and Management with Apple's iOS 4

We outline all the steps needed to understand, configure, and use iOS 4's mobile device management service as well as highlight key differences in third-party solutions that work with iOS 4.

How To Sync Android Smartphones Using Linux

Using standard Linux applications, you can sync a Droid smartphone to your PC in a few easy steps -- we show you how.

Mobile Security Measures for Sending Protected E-Mails

We outline the steps needed to securely send e-mails and transfer files.

Mobile Security Tips for Encrypting USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are super convenient for transferring data, but to ensure they don't create a mobile security crisis, we outline steps for encrypting USB drives.

Buyer's Guide to Mobile VoIP Services

Deploying mobile VoIP can cut costs, but given all the options, it can be a daunting task. We provide all you need to know to select the best mobile VoIP service for your enterprise.

Moving Hosted Mobile Communications to the Cloud

If you're ready to cut the cord to your servers -- and save money -- we offer guidance on how to migrate your enterprise e-mail to the cloud in four easy steps.

Tutorial: BlackBerry - FISMA Compliance for Government Agencies

All U.S. federal agencies are required to comply with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002. The PDA/smartphone of choice for the U.S. government is the BlackBerry. Therefore, understanding BlackBerry security controls, threats and vulnerabilities is essential.

How-To: Use BlackBerry OS 5 to Add Video

The latest version of the BlackBerry OS allows developers to add video capture to their apps. We outline the steps for doing so.

Security: Fifteen Quick Fixes for Your Network

We outline 15 ways to shore up your network by using the 20 baseline security controls outlined in the Consensus Audit Guidelines.

Roundup: The Best iPhone Apps of the Week

Our weekly roundup of the best free and paid applications available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Tip: Smartphone - How to Print Via Bluetooth

An adaptor can give you printer access via Bluetooth to a USB or parallel printer.

Tip: Changing BlackBerry SIM Cards

How you remove a subscriber identity module (SIM) card and swap it between compatible mobile phones varies from device to device, even among BlackBerry wireless handhelds and smartphones.

Tip: How to Weather the Economic Downturn, Mobile in Hand

Save money by either dropping your landline or drastically reducing services.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Spooky Sounds for the Season

Microsoft Total Access offering free Halloween themed ringtones.

Tip: How to Quickly Silence a Ringing iPhone

Simply silence the iPhone or send the incoming call to voice mail.

Tip: iPhone — Bluetooth Goes South with Software 2.1

iPhone user resolves problem pairing first-gen model with Bluetooth peripherals after firmware upgrade.

Tip: How to Clear Everything From Your Windows Mobile

When you're ready to pass that old smartphone device down to your eager teenager, or you've been asked to hand it in to your company's IT department, you're going to want to remove all your own data.

Tip: Smartphone — Happy (Jewish) New Year

Since the Jewish holidays occur according to the lunar calendar, it's not always easy to predict when they'll fall. To keep track, try downloading a Jewish calendar for your smartphone.

Tip: Smartphone — Free Topographical Maps

Free mapping software from Fugawi Touratel relies on cell phone towers rather than GPS to determine location.

Tip: Windows Mobile — How to Use Your XV6800/Mogul on a Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi is particularly handy when you're deep inside a concrete building or when you're in a remote place where cell towers are sparse.

Tip: Smart (Phone) Mobile Home Buying

If you're a smartphone user, you know how valuable a tool it can be. Make sure your agent has one too.

Tip: BlackBerry — Time Zones

It's simple to change the time zone setting on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Advanced Battery Conservation

What you can do to reduce power consumption.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Browsing Full-Screen in Opera Mobile

How to launch a video in full screen from within Opera.

Tip: Smartphone — No GPS? No Problem

Free service sends you free turn-by-turn voice or test directions. All you have to do is ask.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Teach Transcriber Shorthand

To make the most of your smartphone's ability to interpret your words, train it with you personal shorthand.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Changing SIM Cards

To insert or remove the SIM card in the Samsung Epix is refreshingly easy.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Opening Data Doors With Wi-Fi

How to manage Wi-Fi connections with Samsung's heir to the BlackJack and BlackJack II.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Vibrate Shut-off & Lock/Unlock

Out of the box, the Windows Mobile-run Samsung Epix is set to vibrate whenever you tap the screen, which can be kind of annoying.

Tip: Text Alerts — Something Actually Free From the Airlines

Combine airline alerts with the fact that passengers can make phone calls as soon as the plane's on the tarmac and soon there will be no excuse for arriving to pick someone up other than at the exact time the person emerges from the baggage claim area.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Using the Camera/Camcorder Features

How to quickly access and use the Windows Mobile's camera for picture and video.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Handy Currency & Metric/English Conversions

Epix's Organizer application is for more than just keeping things organized. It includes some handy utilities as well.

Tip: Windows Mobile — How Much Room Do I Have?

How to check the amount of memory you've got to store or run programs on your smartphone.

Tip: iPhone — How to Enter a Phone Number With an Extension

No need to enter an extension manually ever time you call a particular contact in your iPhone's address book when you get a comma involved.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Removing Programs & Resetting the Verizon XV6800

How to clear data and programs off of the XV6800 smartphone from Verizon Wireless; a smartphone model based on the same HTC design as the Sprint Mogul and AT&T Tilt.

Tip: Getting Election Results With Your Mobile

Among the historic aspects of tomorrow's election may be the way voters use their phones to follow the results.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Addressing COM Port Error With ActiveSync

Once your Windows Mobile device has been paired with a PC, the two should sync whenever they are connected (via USB or Bluetooth). Sometimes, though, changes to your system (either the PC or the smartphone) can lead to sync problems.

Tip: Moto Q — How to Prevent Unintended Calls

While some phones have a keypad lock on the home screen or start menu, on the Motorola Q you have two different ways to prevent your phone from placing unwanted "pocket calls."

Tip: Moto Q — Modifying Power Management

The Motorola Q seems to default to extremely short backlight and display time-out settings. While this is excellent for power management, if you're someone who often pauses while using your smartphone, you might want a little more time.

Tip: Using Google Calendar to Connect Thunderbird to BlackBerry

Thunderbird users who have installed the Lightening extension and are using that calendar can't directly sync with a BlackBerry. But, by linking both your computer and your handheld to a Google calendar, you can achieve synchronization. Events inputted on either device will be pushed to both at frequent intervals.

Tip: Smartphone - Better Wireless Security Through Verizon Wireless

Carrier announces enhanced security options for enterprise and government customers.

Tip: Smartphone — How to Set Up a Redfly

Setting up the Redfly, the laptop-like companion for smartphones, is quick and easy.

Tip: Smartphone — Connect to a Redfly via Bluetooth

How to wirelessly pair your smartphone and Redfly terminal.

Tip: Smartphone — Using USB Storage on a Redfly

A few things to keep in mind when expanding your Redfly smartphone terminals storage capacity with an external device like a jump drive.

Tip: BlackBerry — Typing Shortcuts

A few hints to help make you a better typist.

Tip: BlackBerry — A Sale for Fans of Beejive

BeejiveIM interfaces with a variety of instant messaging services and lets you access them all from one place

Tip: Samsung Epix — Task (and Double-Task) Keys

Several keys along the bottom row of the Epix's keyboard — as well as series of function key combos — have both obvious and not-so-obvious purposes

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