Tip: Windows Mobile — FriendMobilizer

Although you can monitor status updates, read messages and post things to Facebook from your mobile device by using m.facebook.com, doing all your access via a browser can be tedious. Now, Windows Mobile 6 users can access a Facebook application made just for them, much in the way BlackBerry users long have done so.

To download the free app, FriendMobilizer, start at http://faceofmobile.com/step1 where you'll be asked to enter your mobile phone number, name, age, and e-mail address. Continue to register by clicking submit and then clicking through a set of permissions for Facebook (to allow FriendMobilizer access to Facebook and then to allow you to update your status, upload photos, work offline/stay logged in all via FriendMobilizer).

After that, you can click on through to the Download page (whether or not you choose to tell friends about FriendMobilizer, which you'll be prompted to do).

There are instructions for downloading to your PC or directly to your phone. Motorola and VGA phones (such as the HTC Touch Diamond) aren't supported, even if they're running Windows Mobile 6.0.

With FriendMobilizer running, you'll get status updates and other Facebook notifications every half hour--make sure your data plan won't bankrupt you with that.

The application makers recommend selecting 25 Best Friends to follow more closely than the rest of your Facebook friends, just to avoid overtaxing your phone. Instructions for creating a Best Friends list are on the download page.


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