Tip: Windows Mobile — Using ActiveSync to Reinstall Software

The more you customize your handheld, the more precious it becomes. Suffer a system reset or run out of space and frantically delete things and you could find yourself missing something you'd grown accustomed to. Fortunately, if you use ActiveSync to install software and data, you're giving yourself a backup plan. ActiveSync saves installation files, so you can reinstall software at a later date.

1. Connect your handheld to your PC and let ActiveSync run a synchronization.
2. From the ActiveSync window on your PC, click Tools 'Add/Remove Programs. The list of programs you've installed distinguishes between currently installed (check marks) and no longer installed (no check).
3. To reinstall a program, click the empty box next to it so a check appears. ActiveSync will reinstall the program on your device. (You can remove a program by unchecking
Its box.)
4. If the program has a registration code, you will need it to complete the reinstallation.


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