Tip: Ready to Upgrade Your Moto Smartphone?

Start here, where you'll be prompted to select your carrier and then your device. Next, you'll be told to print out the instructions, which is recommended so that you can follow along as things progress and also keep track of what you've done. Now, specify your purchase date so the site can figure out what you need and whether you're eligible to get it.

Sync your device with your PC (using Bluetooth or USB, however you're accustomed to doing it) and then back up everything that doesn't sync—the software update will wipe it clean and you'll have to restore everything include third party software. To backup things that don't sync, with the computer and device paired, use the Explorer window in Active Sync to copy from the handheld to the PC anything you want to save such as pictures, ringtones, wallpaper, photos, etc.

Now, download the upgrade and follow the instructions. You'll be prompted to connect your device via USB to your computer. This could take awhile and if you get the ActiveSync Cannot Connect Successfully window, just cancel that warning.

After a few restarts, the installation will finish and then you may need to re-connect the handheld to ActiveSync to perform a sync. You'll have to then manually resetup your e-mail, time zone, ringtone and other personal settings. Third party software will also need to be install again.


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