Tip: BlackBerry — Boldly GeoTag Photos

To use the GPS software in the BlackBerry Bold to embed a photo's location in an image file, first enable Geotagging. From the camera, click the menu button, select Options. Then, scroll to Geotagging and if it's not enabled, click on "disabled" and pull down "enabled" instead. Press the menu button and choose Save.

Next, activate AT&T Navigator (or another GPS program).

When you use the camera, you will see either a white target icon in the lower-right corner, indicating GPS coordinates have been acquired and will be embedded, or a red target icon. If the icon is red, your GPS has not acquired the coordinates. Switch to you GPS software and verify that it is functioning properly and able to receive data.

Then, when you view your photos, any that have the white icon can be placed on a map. Highlight the geotagged photo, click the menu button and select View on Map. You'll get your photo placed on a street map of the location where it was shot.

If you upload geotagged images to Flickr or some other programs, anyone viewing them can also request a map. Click image Flickr map with geotagged photos. flickrmapgps.gif


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