Tip: BlackBerry — Organizes Mobile Content With Viigo

Looking for a different way to see and access your favorite online content from a BlackBerry or other handheld? Viigo gives you categories that you customize for real-time updates: Want sports scores? Breaking news? Updates from your social networking sites?

Viigo is free, so after you visit the Web site, viigo.com/solutions/individuals, and send it to your device, you can add and remove channels, set alerts for the ones you follow most closely and control how many articles you receive in each channel and how often they're updated.

Once installed, Viigo opens to a list of categories. Select one and then enjoy the preset options or use the Menu key and follow the prompts to select the teams, sources or cities for sports scores, news or weather. Customize however you see fit and then use Viigo for fingertip access to current data.


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