Tip: iPhone — Melodis Releases Free Voice Dialer

One missing feature for the iPhone has been a voice dialer. Now iPhone has one. Instead of scrolling through a long list of contacts, the new Melodis Dialer can find the contact, list it, and call it.

The Melodis Dialer is quick and accurate. Just click the application icon, and then hold down the green bar and say the name of the contact you wish to see (see below). If you say "Len Lerer" - you'll get the contact listing for him.

If you say "Call Mike Bean" it will dial the number (see below). Or if you have multiple numbers for Mike Bean, just tell the dialer what number you want "Call Mike Bean mobile."

The application automatically indexes all contact information, and it uses what Melodis corporation calls "Crystal Engine" search technology that accepts voice rather than text commands.


The application is a free download available from the iTunes Store.

Hint: Put the dialer icon in the lower bar of the iPhone for easy access (see below).



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