Tip: BlackBerry Flip — Music Tips

The volume control on the right-hand side gives you convenient access while the mute button on the left edge lets you hush up in a hurry. Press mute a second time and playback resumes from the place it left off.

Another handy finger-tip music tool is the quick return to the start of a track-press and hold the volume-down button and your song will start again from the beginning.

You can upload music from your desktop or laptop using Bluetooth or transfer via your microSD card.

Worried you'll get carried away and let the music take over your phone? Set the music storage limit. From the music player, press the BlackBerry menu button, then choose Options. Under General, highlight the number next to Device Memory Limit and decrease it (here is also where you go to increase it).

Under Media, you can adjust the audio boost as well as the headset equalizer to improve the sound of your favorite tunes.


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