Tip: BlackBerry Flip — Taking Pictures

The camera on the BlackBerry Pearl Flip is the default feature for the right-side convenience key. Press it to launch the camera and then press the track ball to snap your shot.

Options that emerge after you take a picture include the camera icon (to take another), the Set Picture As icon (to set your image as someone's caller ID or MyFaves image or to set as Home Screen, the folder icon (to rename or move the file), the trash to delete it and an envelop icon to send the image via email or media message or, for Facebook users, to send it to Facebook.

Before taking a picture, activate the camera, press the BlackBerry menu and select Options to adjust settings. Here you can change the flash from automatic to on/off, set the white balance, change the storage location for saving pictures and change the picture quality. Special effects include shooting in Black and White or Sepia.

It can't be ignored that the camera is not the Flip's strong suit. Photos don't always reflect exactly what you see in the viewfinder when you're shooting.


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