Tip: Windows Mobile — Manage Your ActiveSync Settings

If you use Outlook on your computer and you sync with a Windows Mobile, you've got some influence over what data gets transferred between the two systems. For example, if you've set up your email to download directly from a web server, such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, then you might not need to sync your Outlook Email for the same account, and you can save space on your handheld by not downloading that information. Or, maybe you have a vast and extensive collection of Contacts in your Outlook and on your handheld all you really want is the phone numbers of the people you most often talk with via cell phone. Skip syncing the contacts and just save your frequent callers as they chime in (see related tip).

To tell ActiveSync what you want and don't want it to sync:

1.) Open ActiveSync on your computer
2.) Connect your handheld
3.) In ActiveSync on your computer, pull down Tools'Options
4.) You'll see a list of the things ActiveSync can manage, including Contacts, Calendar, Email, Tasks, Notes, etc.
5.) Check only those you wish to sync.
6.) Some options, such as calendar, have additional options you reach by pressing "settings." You can tell it how far back to download your calendar, for example.

Limiting the amount of outdated information on your handheld will help conserve space on the device. And it makes sifting through to find what you want less taxing.


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