Tip: BlackBerry Bold — Swapping Out SIMs a Little Too Easy

Changing out SIM cards is really easy with the RIM’s new BlackBerry Bold model, a little too easy. You see, the back of the smartphone slips off entirely too readily.

To open up the back of the Bold, press the button on the rear—or sometimes, unfortunately,you don't even have to—and the textured back readily comes off.

To replace the SIM, put your finger on the top end of the battery and gently push toward bottom end while lifting up. The large battery lifts off to reveal the SIM.

If it's snug in its holder so getting it out could be tricky. So try gripping the edges with your fingernails.

Fortunately, sliding it back in is much easier—simply line it up and press down every-so-slightly as you push to make sure it slides under the metal holder. Pop the battery back in and replace the back.

Unfortunately, the back makes no satisfying click when you snap it back into place so it's hard to judge whether it's really on securely.


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