Tip: Samsung Epix — Task (and Double-Task) Keys

Several keys along the bottom row of the Samsung Epix's keyboard have both an obvious function (indicated by an icon) for quick-access to some feature as well as a second function you get when you press and hold the key.

From left to right on the keypad, they are:

  • Caps/shift: press once to capitalize the next letter you type. Press and hold to enact CAPS LOCK.

  • MEdia Net: short press launches MEdia Net, long press activates Voice Command (if that feature is enabled)

  • Symbol/Space bar: short tap on text-entry gets you a space, long press brings up symbols you can insert. A nice perk is that in the Today screen, the symbol/space key brings up the phone.
  • Camera: short press launches the camera. In other applications, though, a long press brings you into Zoom mode, increasing the size of the text or image you're viewing. To leave zoom mode, press the camera key again.

  • And, one row up, just above the Caps/shift key, the Fn key behaves similarly-press once for the symbol on the next key you type or press and hold to enter a all number and symbols.

    Holding down the Fn key and one letter on the Samsung Epix gets you ready access to wireless, shopping, video and more.

    Here's a primer:

  • Fn+B turn on Bluetooth
  • Fn+C launch AT&T Mall
  • Fn+H launch headset manager
  • Fn+M launch AT&T Music
  • Fn+W launch MEdia Net
  • Fn+V launch cellular video
  • Fn+N toggles between optical mouse and 4-way navigation with touch pad
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