Tip: Samsung Epix — Handy Currency & Metric/English Conversions

The Organizer application on the Samsung Epix includes a handy converter that easily and quickly changes metric to English and vice versa for measurements of length, weight, volume and area. It will also do the math to convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures.

To access the converter, pull down Programs-->Organizer-->Smart Converter.

Select the type of measurement you want to convert, the unit you're starting with and what unit you want to end up with. When you then enter the starting amount, the converter will instantly calculate the desired ending units.

Now, when you get directions in metric you can figure out whether a 1.2 km distance requires a cab ride or is reasonable to walk.

In the same organizer feature, you'll also find a calculator and stop watch, in addition to the expected notes, alarms and tasks options.


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