Tip: Samsung Epix — Vibrate Shut-off & Lock/Unlock

The Windows Mobile-run Samsung Epix is the first smartphone available in the U.S. with a built-in optical mouse. It is the heir to the Samsung BlackJack and BlackJack II.

Out of the box, the Samsung Epix is set to vibrate whenever you tap the screen, which can be kind of annoying for some. To turn this feature off, you've got to put the phone in silent mode.

To do that either press the silent key (two keys to the right of the space bar on the bottom row of the keypad) or pull down the volume menu from the speaker icon in the upper-right corner and turn off the volume. Tapping still prompts vibration when the volume is set to vibrate only.

To lock the keys on the Samsung Epix, press and hold the End key. To Unlock, press the Unlock soft key and then either tap Unlock or press the * (S). You can also select "Device Lock" from the Today screen.


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