Tip: Smartphone — How to Set Up a Redfly

Setting up the Redfly with your phone is quick and easy. Celio maintains a list of tested phones, so check it to make sure your device is among them. For now, the Redfly is only compatible with Windows Mobile devices.

1.) Download the Redfly installation file (you can do this directly on your phone from www.celiocorp.com/install/mobile or download it to your computer from www.celiocorp.com/install and transfer to your phone using ActiveSync).

2.) Run and install the file once it has download.

3.) The first time you connect, you'll have to connect your phone to the Redfly via USB cable. Turn on your phone, turn on the Redfly, then connect them.

4.) Your phone will detect the external device and your Today screen should appear on the Redfly.

Now use the Redfly keyboard to control your phone. Function keys across the top double as quick keys (email, home, phone send, phone end, etc.). The Redfly logo key on the lower-right side of the keyboard accesses the Redfly menu.


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