Tip: Smartphone — Connect to a Redfly via Bluetooth

Once you have connected a smartphone to a Redfly with a USB connection, you can pair the devices to connect via Bluetooth in the future.

1.) turn on your phone's Bluetooth connection. Be sure your device has Bluetooth Discovery turned on (or "make this device discoverable" checked).

2.) With the two devices connected via USB, click the Redfly logo key on the Redfly to open the Settings window.

3.) Click the "Authorize" button on the Bluetooth tab. Click okay. Now the devices are paired. Press F12 (Bluetooth).

4.) You can now disconnect the USB cable.

5.) In the future to connect the devices, simply turn them both on and turn on the phone's Bluetooth. Then, press F12 on the Redfly and click "okay" on the phone to authorize the connection.

6.) To disconnect, simply press F12 on the Redfly.


smartphone, USB, Bluetooth, Redfly, Celio