Tip: Smartphone — Using USB Storage on a Redfly

You can plug an external storage device, such as a jump drive, into a Redfly smartphone terminal. But remember that it is relying on the Bluetooth connection to your phone. If your phone is moved out of range of the Redfly in the middle of a save, you may lose data or even corrupt your jump drive.

To prevent this from happening: keep the phone close to the Redfly while you are saving, when you have saved a document to external storage, close the document and the program you have created it in. For security in removing devices, disconnect your Redfly from your phone and power-off the Redfly before unplugging your jump drive.

To save to the jump drive from Word Mobile or Excel Mobile: since Windows Mobile automatically saves documents for you, to save to remote storage you'll need to select Menu-->File-->Save As. In the screen that appears, use the pull-down menus to identify the remote storage location (and a folder on that drive, if necessary).

To copy from the mobile device's main memory to a USB drive: open File Explorer (Start-->Program-->File Explorer). Use the cursor keys to navigate to the file you wish to copy. Click Menu-->Edit-->Copy.

Now, click on My Documents at the top so that a pull-down menu comes down that includes "My Device." Click on My Device. Scroll down to the folder called "Remote Storage" and click to open if. (If necessary select a folder within that drive.) Click on Menu-->Edit-->Paste.

Close down the File Explorer. Your file is now on the USB drive.


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