Tip: BlackBerry — Typing Shortcuts

If typing on your BlackBerry offers you equal parts efficiency and frustration, you may tip the scales in your favor with a few typing shortcuts. Particularly if you are someone who favors keyboard shortcuts on you computer, these will feel natural and helpful.

  • Insert a Period: When typing an email, press the space bar twice at the end of a sentence to put in a period and a space and to force the next letter you type to be a capital.
  • Insert an accent or special character: To flavor a message with a foreign term or name that requires an accent (or other special character) try holding the letter and then rolling the trackball til the variation you want appears.
  • Page up/down: To quickly scroll in a list, use the space bar to page up and Shift-Space to page down.
  • More BlackBerry typing tips direct from Research In Motion are available here, where you can even get device-specific information.


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